When it comes to websites, we’ve got all the tools.

You know the importance of maintaining your site, keeping it updated, and making sure it’s secure, but the concern is a constant one and takes a lot of time.

So let us do the work for you.

With professional tools for uptime monitoring, automatic backups, and traffic alerts, we make sure everything is running smoothly and protect against spam and other unwanted visitors. In addition, we back up your site one a week to keep your data safe — and can automatically place the backups on your server, Amazon S3, or Dropbox account.
When it comes to websites, we've got all the tools.
Time is money -- save yourself a lot of it.

Time is money — save yourself a lot of it.

Keeping up security and site updates — not to mention performance — is almost a full-time position for many companies these days. Why buy expensive software (we know, we own it!) and spend your free time in the hassle of technical upkeep (or hire others to do so), when we have it down to a science. Trust us, it’s hard to do this stuff as quickly as we can.

At a low monthly cost, you can spend more time doing more important tasks — and pocket the savings.

Invest in your future.

This goes beyond updates, too: we offer SEO and visitor analytics as well as keyword tracking, so you can know where your customers are coming from and why. Fine-tuning this process ensures that your clients are right on target.

For WordPress and other content management systems, security is always important. Keeping up to date on the latest files is a necessary step, but we also step it to the next level with the latest protection methods and vulnerability scans with Securi.

What about future changes? Some image disappears, or there’s a conflict with your plugins? We’ve got you covered. We can add our fancy change request tool directly to the backend of your website so that you can connect directly to us at any time — with the highest priority of service and no minimum costs or added dues, and a special discount on our hourly rate.

So go on, partner with us and invest in the well-being and performance of your site.

Invest in your future.

What’s included in this service:

All Core & Plugin Updates

We will keep your WordPress core and themes updated to their latest version, as well as all of your plugins — keeping your site safe, sound, and running smoothly.

Automated Backups

Regularly scheduled backups, set to your needs. We can store them on your server or an external source at no extra charge. When the unthinkable happens — you will be just fine.

Security Monitoring

We use state-of-the-art security which goes above and beyond what WordPress offers, to ensure that your sites are protected.

Database Optimization

We keep your WordPress site running like a well-tuned machine, optimizing your database to significantly reduce size and risk to your data.

Clone or Migrate Your Site

If you ever find yourself wanting a new home for your site, don’t fret — we can move it over safely to any same WordPress-compatible host.

Uptime Alerting

Ever found out from someone else that your site was down? Never again — we keep track of it for you, send an alert when it happens, and can help you get back on track as quickly as possible.

SEO & Keyword Tracking

We make it possible to keep track of who visits your site and why they do. We analyzing specific keywords and how well they are performing to fine-tune your success.

Time & Cost Savings

Leave the management to us and take care of the more important things — we give monthly progress reports on everything performed for you.

Direct Line for Updates

We can also install a handy change request tool which allows you to make requests directly to us from your own site — as well as no minimums on cost or time!

Have more Questions? We’re here to help! Contact us for more.